Avocado Dream Sandwich

guacamole chip sandwich

I eat this sandwich all the time. It is truly sensational. 


2 slices of bread

1 avocado (mashed with olive oil & salt)

1/2 sliced tomato

salted potato chips (optional)

baby spinach (scrunch in hands first)

a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Place everything on toasted bread &/or press on panini grill.

Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” ~ James Beard


    Miss Vickie’s inside the sandwich! Sounds decadent. I’ll have to give that a try.

    Holy yum divine!

    Yummmmmy!!! I love sandwiches like this, i have to stay away from cooked bread though :(

    This sandwich looks like one super yummy healthy delight!

    I saw it yesterday and reviewed the flavors especially the added vinegar and this is a great sandwich. !

    Oooooo… now I’m hungry!

    That looks like something I’d enjoy for supper, tonight. I stumbled upon this page just in time — I was about to go grocery shopping.

    Thanks… and thumb’s up for sure!

    Peace & Love,
    Mudd a.k.a. Happy Oza :-)

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    I absolutely LOVE avocado and this sandwich looks absolutely divine! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, yum! That looks like a fantastic lunch!

    I bet this is delicious. I love avocados to begin with so putting them on a sandwich like this looks positively decadent.

    I am not a fan of spinach. I don’t know why, I’ve tried to like it I just don’t. I could just use lettuce, any other suggestion?

    I’ve been meaning to learn some recipes with Avocados and this is an easy start. Looks fantastic.

    Patrick — Leave out the spinach and add nothing else! A lot of times I just toast bread and add the sliced tomato and mashed avocados with a little salt and olive oil. It’s absolutely scrumptious!

    Patrick, have you ever tried arugula? It’s peppery, and a nice contrast to the buttery avocado! Wonderful recipe though, with or without the greens!

    Tracy — Great idea! :) Oh, I’m craving another sandwich now!

    Hey, that is my recipe, too! I use baby spinach, though.

    wow, sounds tasty. i’ll definitely try it.

    Nope I have never tried arugula but I think now I’m going to have to try some. Either way the recipe looks great!

    I was going to pick up some avocados but the ones the store had were in bad shape. Hopefully I’ll get luckier next time.

    I’m eating this right now. AWESOME!

    Jennifer — I’m so glad you like it!!

    Reading this made me say, “YUM!” out loud! Thanks for the great idea.

    This was great! Will be making again. Thanks!

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    This sounds delicious! Avocado is one of my favorite foods!

    I make a similar sandwich with Annie’s Goddess dressing and sprouts. It’s positively addictive. :) Glad to see someone else with my love for avocado sandwiches.

    I tried this but didn’t have any chips and I can just imagine how potato chips would take this to the next level. Thanks for sharing!

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    Just made this. Awesome. Be sure not to skimp on the chips.

    LittleSeaStar — Yum! Annie’s Goddess dressing and sprouts are a sensational addition. :)

    Dale and Everett — Yes, the chips definitely take it to the next level!!

    I’ve been thinking more and more about salty avocado :) – – and it looks pretty tasty, thanks for sharing.. here in south of brazil we use to have it sweet (with just lemon and brown sugar) and sandwiches with avocado are really beyond my imagination.. salut, ls.

    Holy mackerel that looks good! I would have never paired avocados and potato chips. Thanks for sharing!

    Very nice, makes me want to eat right now. And my kind of cooking, I love vegetarian and vegan cuisine! I always thumbs up good cooking! yum! :)


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