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I am very excited to bring you my very first SweetOnVeg interview with Anna Victoria Rodgers, aka Miss Eco Glam. Anna is an Aussie living in London with a passion for compassion, sharing amazing beauty products, eco-fashions, yummy recipes and human/animal rights issues on her blog, Miss Eco Glam.

Favourite recipe?
At the moment raw sushi! Followed by vegan stroganoff.

Drink of choice?
Pina Colada made with cashew cream and coconut instead of cream!

Yummiest fruit (if you had to pick)?
Mango but i really want to try Durian!

Midnight snack?
Chocolate cookies!

Best-loved nut?

Something you’re proud of?
My blog, and making people think differently!

Most inspiring quote?
“We are all Earthlings.” ~ Shaun Monson, director/producer of Earthlings

Beauty tip?
Eat mostly raw food, it makes your skin glow!

What’s on your lips right now?
Rhodes to Heaven ‘All in One’ Lip Balm

Last book you’ve read that you couldn’t put down?
Vivisection or Science: An Investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health. Everyone who has an opinion on animal testing should read this!

What do you do to lift your spirits if you’re feeling down?
I usually eat/make something yummy or watch something inspirational – documentaries etc.

Must see movie?
Into the Wild

Cause you’re most passionate about?
Animal Cruelty – there are too many causes to name here but in general I detest Animal Cruelty and wish that the world becomes much more conscious very quickly!

Three websites/blogs that you love?, of course!

What have you learned about yourself in the last year?
I have become much more open to new ideas, the possibility of believing strange subjects and have found my calling with Raw Food and being vegan!

Advice to new vegans?
Be very proud about what you have done and really immerse yourself in learning about proper nutrition so that you stay healthy. You don’t have to miss out on yummy things!

Describe your ideal day?
A sleep in, having a fab breakfast and then going somewhere. It used to be shopping but I really have learnt to not want many new things, I much prefer to be out in Nature admiring something pretty or going to see some animals! Before my cat passed away it would be lying in bed with her, giving her a cuddle.


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