{photo of Sasha by Dario}

A Gypsy

All this time, looking, searching for a place I can call my own… The need to have a peace of mind.. Fighting the gypsy circumstances..
The Great Ocean, the Send, the Dancing… That’s when I come to life, I shine with the purity of love and passion. Why, then, do I need a home? Why would I try and minimize myself to being in a relationship, choosing, calculating.. – My true happiness/shine seem to fade away when coming to an earthly agreement with fellow humans who love and adore and I love and adore…. and then I run… how do people tame and settle? And if it is about taming and settling, how will I live a long earthly life of happiness and sharing of the light instead of dying? How will I bring beauty and peace if I’m so scared of the invasion on, protective of my space… So scared of hurting them but I now know, I’d rather be alone then in someone’s golden cage. If only I had the courage to tell them…
Someone gave me a rose. It’s lived in my room over two weeks now… Fresh and fragrant, where does she get her life force from?
If this music, the dancing, the sharing and the loving brings me to my source, then yes, the fortune teller was right when saying I was a gypsy. And I say, I always will be. But I would call myself a courageous one once I learn how to fully be me even when all I want to do is run…

Written by Sasha Bliss

Thanks to Sasha for letting me share a glimpse of her magical writing. Sasha is a breathtaking beauty, passionate spirit and raw food lover with a website coming.