Alkemie: any seemingly magical process of transforming ordinary ingredients into something of true merit.

I discovered a new brand of vegan ice cream called Alkemie Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Hot for Food tonight! Alkemie is a line of ice cream founded in 2008 by Chef Daniel Clary. Their mission is to change the world, one pint at a time! I haven’t sampled this ice cream yet, it just sounds so wonderful I had to do a post on it. So far it’s only sold in California.

Oh my goodness, this glowing testimonial off their website makes me want to eat it even more…

“Alkemie ice cream is beyond the simplicity of traditional “ice cream.” The vegan lifestyle has reached all new extremes when we can find a delicious gourmet ice cream with no dairy or even soy, and it tastes better! The whole experience with the creamy texture and pure intense flavor, unmasked by artificial sweeteners and preservatives, paired with the dehydrated “sugar” or flax seed cone make for a romance never before imagined. You know its something to talk about when everyone is walking around in the middle of December with ice cream dripping down their faces. To make it even better, it is easy to see the head chef and founder of Alkemie is full of passion and love for his product and his lifestyle, wanting to empower others and prove that eating naturally doesn’t have to sacrifice intense flavor and the overall experience. Not only does this ice cream taste amazing, it makes you feel good! Keep an eye out at all the local farmer’s markets and keep supporting it so we all can enjoy the magical Alkemie experience at a permanent location. I LOVE THIS ICE CREAM. TRY IT!!!! I RECOMMEND ALL FLAVORS!!”

Rebecca S. 1/24/2009

And if that doesn’t have you craving Alkemie, check out this.


    This sounds awesome- love how it uses cashews as well as coconut. Keep us posted on when it comes to Vancouver!!

    Most definitely. :)

    It’s available in California?! Sweet! I’m going on a hunt this week.

    Boo! It’s only available in Northern California right now. :(

    “An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality…” — Samuel Smiles :)

    i have never had a packaged vegan ice cream that was any good.
    However, it is easy to make your own cashew based ones that are truly amazing!

    Phil — My experiments trying to make ice cream with cashews haven’t turned out. I will have to try one of your recipes!


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