Twirling Zucchini Noodles

spirooli vegetable slicer

Twirling noodles makes me smile. :)

I’ve tried zucchini noodles raw, sautéed and steamed. I prefer to let raw zucchini noodles sit for 20 minutes or so to give them a softer texture.  They’re tasty with a marinara or pesto sauce.

This spiral vegetable slicer is called the Spirooli.

(P.S. Click YUM!)


    yum. that looks and sounds amazing! Clearly, I need a Spirooli. Wondering if I can trick my kids into eating more veggies this way?


    Btw, fantastic recipes in “chocolate covered Katie” :o)

    I’m itching for a new camera so I can upload some food pics…
    They stole the battery cable when I was robbed in Madrid :o(

    Gee, I must remember round-nose icons don’t work here, ha ha : o )

    Gina — I think so! You could start by mixing some zucchini noodles in with regular noodles too. Tricky tricky. :)

    Jesslo — Yes, you must get snapping again. I want to see more of your beautiful pictures.

    Wowwww- yum! I need to make some veggie noodles!

    I bet these spiroolis can satisfy pasta cravings! Neat, Jennifer.

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