Garlic-Rubbed Toast with Mashed Avocado and Salsa Verde

This is what I made for breakfast. Oh my goodness, it was so tasty I might be making it for lunch too.

Mashed Avocado with Salsa Verde Toast

2 slices of bread, toasted
1 clove garlic, smash down with knife and remove skin
1 large ripe avocado, mashed with olive oil and salt
salsa verde

Rub toast with smashed clove of garlic. Then top slices of toast with mashed avocado and spoonful of salsa verde. Enjoy!


    I love it when you make something so tasty you have to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner hehe. Sounds like my kinda food Jen!!!

    Looks very tasty!! :)

    Yes! I just made a couple more slices. I’m out of avocados now so that will be it for today! :)

    Sounds yum. (: Just one question though: can salsa verde be replaced with any regular red salsa, or is there a taste difference?

    Michelle — I find there’s quite a taste difference, but a chunky red salsa would go beautifully with the avocado and garlic too. I usually top the avocado with sliced tomatoes, but I was out of them so I tried the salsa verde. They are both uniquely delicious!

    This looks really good! I can almost taste it right now!

    You are speaking my language! What an awesome breakfast idea. Sounds like the perfect start to a day. Great inspiration.

    Dying to taste this…must make it this week. Looks amazing!

    I will have to try it. Maybe it will replace my cottage cheese on a toasted whole grain english muffin sprinkled generously with cinnamon.

    Maybe. :)

    So simple yet so delicious. Garlic and avocado are two of my favourite foodstuffs.

    mmm… avocado for breakfast, excellent. I’ve been putting my avocados in salads too much lately, I think it’s time to really savour one! beautiful shot of this too, Jen – well done!

    I have two avocados patiently waiting to be used right now so this is perfect timing. Dinner tonight?

    This toast looks so good!

    This looks delicious!!!!!!

    Thats a very interesting breakfast. Mine are usually so bland and boring (oatmeal/fruit, etc), and this sounds like exactly the sort of thing I can enjoy.

    I would love to take that for breakfast while camping… i might add two sunny eggs.

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    I just stumbled upon this and my mouth is watering. I’m not a big bread eater but even after a $250 grocery bill I may have to go back so I can try this.


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