{Cherry Picked Recipes}

fresh cherry picture
Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

*When I sound the fairy call,
Gather here in silent meeting,
Chin to knee on the orchard wall,
Cooled with dew and cherries eating.
Merry, merry, Take a cherry
Mine are sounder, Mine are rounder
Mine are sweeter, For the eater
When the dews fall. And you’ll be fairies all.*
~ Robert Graves, Cherry-Time

1) Quinoa Cherry Salad

2) Cherries as Olives

3) Homemade Maraschino Cherries

4) Chocolate Chip Cherry Brownies


    Thanks so much for the ping! Beautiful site :-)

    These sound yummy! Cherries are sooo yummy when in season. I posted a dairy free cherry icecream that I am now salivating for! Hey I am going to be in Vancouver for a hollistic nutrition course each week for the year. I’d love to meet up with you when I get settled in September.

    YUM!!! Now I’m sad that I used all my cherries for that zucchini bread. Will have to go get more to try these all!

    I have fresh cherries in the fridge right now, unfortunately my habit of sneaking 1 or 2 every time I walk by hasn’t left me with all that many….

    Thank you for the comments! :)

    Julie ~ Alkaline Sister — You betcha!


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