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the granola girl

I had the pleasure of meeting April (aka The Granola Girl) and trying her Granola Girl Original cereal. What I love about this granola is that it’s generously sprinkled with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, goji berries, dried cranberries AND hemp seeds. The flavour is light, yet sweet and satisfying.

Granola Girl is available at select retail locations in Vancouver.


    I love granola. Your breakfast looks very delicious…Have a great weekend!

    Yum! Looks delicious. Can’t wait to try some.

    Oh, it sounds delicious! I recently switched to Kashi 7 Grain which is nice but VERY bland. I put sugar in it… :(

    Granola Girl is one of my favorite breakfast cereals ever. I have tried so many different granolas and this one kicks butt by far. When I run into them at a market, I always stock up as I’ve been known to eat it at all three meals :)

    Yum, looks good! I love granola and how it goes with so many different, tasty ingredients.

    Looks good! I think it would be good to add other tropical dried fruits!

    Mmmm, love granola!!! Never tried Granola Girl though, in the future I must!

    LOVE granola! ONe of my favorite ways to have it is on home made vegan ice cream. mmmmm

    You won’t believe this – I just bought some hemp seeds this weekend. I think that means this recipe is a must-do for me. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I hope everyone gets a sample of the Original Granola Girl at Taste Of Health this coming weekend, Oct 2 at the RoundHouse Community Centre in Vancouver. Granola Girl is now available at Whole Foods Robson and Cambie markets! Enjoy…

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