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Tera V Burger Vegetarian Restaurant Inside


Tera V Burger Vancouver


Tera V Burger is Vancouver’s new all vegetarian burger joint. Its tagline is: Sure to satisfy vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike!”

I decided to check this place out to see if their food matched up to their claims.

Tera V Burger is situated in the heart of the Kitsilano district of Vancouver. The place has a welcoming charm, single flowers in slim vases on the window sill, posters of Vega One on the wall, and an all-vegetarian burger menu.

The menu highlights are:

Four types of burgers (all except one – the Garden burger – can be vegan)

Three types of Sandwiches/Panini

Two types of wraps

A couple of creative salads

Sides (baked yam or french fries)

To quench your thirst they’ve got a selection of quality soft drinks (natural cane sugar sweetened or with Stevia), coconut water, teas, juices and three types of smoothies that can be power-packed with some of Brendan Brazier’s Vega One.

I tried the vegan Barbeque Tempeh Burger with french fries combo – organic tempeh, a tasty barbeque sauce, the veggies you’d expect on a burger, and Daiya cheese served on a whole wheat bun. I took the first bite and I thought: Wow! This tastes good!

The texture and taste of the tempeh, the bbq sauce, and the overtones of Daiya cheddar coming though, made a thoroughly delightful and satisfying combination. The french fries were tasty too. I wanted more!

I definitely recommend Tera V Burger. It’s worth a visit, or two, or three… many more!

Tera V Burger
2961 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 336 3575

Reviewed by Jay Davé

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