Saturday, October 1, 2016
Karen Page & Her Vegetarian Flavor Bible Friday, October 31, 2014 6:00pm – 7:30pm Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks Vancouver, BC Karen Page is known for many excellent books, including Culinary Artistry, Becoming a Chef, What to Drink with What you Eat and The Flavor...
Tractor Foods 1903 West 4th Avenue 335 Burrard Street Culver City Salads Visit their food truck! The Juice Truck Truck: Corner of Water Street & Abbott Street Café: 28 West 5th Avenue Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant 1509 West 12th Avenue Indigo Food Café 1978 West Broadway 436 Richards Street Eternal Abundance What to order:...
RAW BANOFFEE PIE 8 INCH TIN / Makes 12-14 slices Base 200g Almonds (pre soaked & dehydrated) 150g Buckwheaties (pre soaked, sprouted & dehydrated) 50g Raw Honey (or sweetener of choice) 20ml Olive Oil 5g Medjool Dates 2nd Layer 3 Bananas (sliced) 3rd Toffee Layer 100g Raw Almond Butter 100g Raw Honey...
BEST VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS IN VANCOUVER Meet On Main Must-try dish: Sweet-Chili Cauliflower 4288 Main Street, Vancouver Heirloom Restaurant Must-try dish: Avocado Frites 1509 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver Bandidas Taqueria Must-try dish: Ronny Russell Tacos 2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver The Acorn Must-try dish: Beer-Battered Halloumi 3995 Main Street, Vancouver Chau VeggiExpress Must-try...
VANCOUVER VEGETARIAN FIND MUST-TRY DISH: THE KEEN-WA BURGER AT ROMER’S BURGER BAR IN KITSILANO A hand-crafted quinoa patty with avocado aioli, tomatoes, Tuscan greens and sliced apple Romer’s Burger Bar Several locations in Vancouver, BC
Photo courtesy of Mimi Avocado
beautiful vegan cake

~Rose Cake~

Photo: Deerly Beloved Bakery Adorned with flowers, a spring-inspired cake from Deerly Beloved Bakery in Norwich, UK~
tacofino vancouver tacos

Tacofino, Vancouver

Lunch at the always delicious Tacofino in Vancouver Tacos, burritos + sunshine! Must-try: Yam tempura taco (cabbage, avocado, plum vinegar-soy)
Excellent vegetable sushi at Minami in Yaletown, Vancouver
* Filling and under $10 * Warm, friendly service * Ask your server for veg options Saigon Venture 1310 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC
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